2 Day Foundation Training for Managers


To book a 'closed' training just for your team, please ring 0121 296 4448 or email solihull.approach@uhb.nhs.uk and we will create a bespoke order form for you. For individuals, please go to 'Book an individual training place'.

This training is for managers of services who have not previously completed any Solihull Approach training. All practitioners start with our 2 Day Foundation training, to introduce them to the Solihull Approach and how it can be used in their daily work on a one-to-one basis.

The Solihull Approach introduces a model for understanding the impact of relationships on health and wellbeing and the impact of adverse childhood experiences on health and wellbeing. It provides a guiding framework for supporting people, whether parents, children, service users or employees. It supports effective and consistent approaches across agencies as a shared framework.

This course is for managers of people. It is assumed that they will work in public or third sector provisions, however the Solihull Approach has proved to be helpful in a wide range of contexts and therefore this training may be beneficial to a wide range of managers in services from Children’s Centres, Health, Education, Family Support, Mental Health services, Social Services, to Prisons, Emergency Services, Housing etc.

The training applies the Solihull Approach model to managerial situations using case studies and activities. Unusually, it also integrates an understanding of trauma.

The training can be run for 12 people in a team or area. This training is also available occasionally for Individuals.

There are two weeks between Day 1 and Day 2 to enhance the embedding of theory into practice.

You will need a relevant Solihull Approach Resource Pack. This supports the training with further reading about the model and its application, enhancing theory into practice.

The First Five Years resource pack has a comprehensive set of handouts for parents on various issues in the first five years: sleeping, weaning, toileting, playing, emotional and physical development. The School Years resource pack includes brain development, the Solihull Approach model, applying the model to school aged children (including adolescents), information on issues such as depression, phobias, eating disorders etc.

You will also need a Supporting Information Booklet at £10 each, which will be provided if you attend a training in Solihull.

We have found that in order to support professionals continued use of the Solihull Approach and to move theory into practice, it is vital to put into place a plan for ongoing support before the training begins, see Embedding the Solihull Approach. Many areas have found a variety of ways of providing support, see Solihull Approach in Use.

Training is available so that practitioners can then cascade the 2 Day Foundation training in their own area. For further information see 'Train the Trainer (Foundation)'.

Trainings can be tailored for the age-group or area with which the delegates work.

NB: You will not need to purchase a trainers manual to attend the training (unless you wish to deliver the training yourself in your area). A Supporting Information Booklet will be provided if you attend the training as an individual. For a group training Supporting Information Booklets must be purchased to accompany the training, 1 per delegate. If you deliver (cascade) this training in your area yourselves you will also need to purchase 1 booklet per delegate for each training you deliver.

Key Facts

Course level:


Pre-training knowledge:

Being in a managerial role.


Managers working with staff working with babies, young children, or young people, parents or families e.g. Children's Centre workers, Health Visitors, Family Support Workers, Perinatal support services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Family Courts, Community Police, Prisons.

Cost: (Does not include additional resources)

  • Live Virtual (Group) - £1499
  • Live Virtual (Individual) - £199 (includes Supporting Information Booklet)
  • Face-to-face (Group) - £1997 (inclusive apart from resources)


Program Inclusions

The aim of training is to introduce managers to the Solihull Approach model and apply it to the tasks of management.

It includes: brain development, introduction to the Solihull Approach model, activities to enable managers to apply the model to their role, trauma and management, observation exercise and practice, applying the model.