Train the Trainer (any Foundation) [...*Pre-requisites: 2 Day Foundation]


To book a 'closed' training just for your team, please ring 0121 296 4448 or email and we will create a bespoke order form for you. For individuals, please go to 'Book an individual training place'.

This training is for Solihull Approach-trained practitioners who wish to cascade, as part of their work, any 2 Day Foundation training to other local practitioners or the Whole School training.

Many practitioners find it helpful to practice for a while before cascading the Solihull Approach, although this will be influenced by a professional’s experience.

Individual practitioners will have identified their own training needs and this training day is therefore designed to support and enhance their current skills and knowledge.

We have developed a range of Trainers’ Manuals to use when cascading the training e.g.:

Trainers’ Manual: to deliver the 2 Day Foundation training
Antenatal Trainers’ Manual: to deliver the Antenatal 2DF training for practitioners working antenatally
Fostering and Adoption Trainers’ Manual: to deliver the Fostering and Adoption 2DF training

Trainers do not necessarily need to have attended the specific Foundation training which they wish to cascade, though they will need the correct Trainers' Manual and access to the relevant resource pack:

So, for instance, a practitioner may attend the Core 2 Day Foundation training and then the Train the Trainer day, but if they then purchase the Antenatal Trainers’ Manual and the Antenatal: Journey to Parenthood resource pack, they are then able to cascade the Antenatal 2 Day Foundation training.

Key Facts

6 hours (+ pre-requisite training)
Course level:


Pre-training knowledge:

Attendees must have completed the 2 Day Foundation Training (evidence will be required when booking this course).


Solihull Approach trained practitioners who want to be trainers.

Cost: (Does not include additional resources)

  • Live Virtual (Group) - £879
  • Live Virtual (Individual) - £98
  • Face-to-face (Group) - £998 (includes trainers' expenses)