Whole School Training (TL1.5)


To book a 'closed' training just for your team, please ring 0121 296 4448 or email solihull.approach@uhb.nhs.uk and we will create a bespoke order form for you. For individuals, please go to 'Book an individual training place'.

This course delivers the Solihull Approach Foundation training to an entire school staff, including caretakers, school governors, etc. It can be delivered as a one-full-day training followed by a one twilight-hour 2 weeks later because we are aware of the pressure on your training time, but it is preferable to deliver it as 2 full days. For schools with more than 50 staff attending training, there will need to be more than one training group.

Some schools put staff with a pastoral role onto a 2 Day Foundation training and then follow-up for all staff with a Whole School training.

From the research so far, this training makes the most impact in schools if it is followed up by 4 Work Discussion sessions which you can run in-house. Some areas put on their own series of 4 Work Discussion sessions after the training or you can commission them from us for an area or individuals can attend one that we put on.

Whole School Training: Supporting Information Booklet, at £5 each, one copy per person is required when booking/attending training. Minimum order 10.

Key Facts

6 + 1.5 hour(s)
Course level:


Pre-training knowledge:

Experience of working in schools.


School staff, including caretakers, school governors, etc.

Cost: (Does not include additional resources)

  • Live Virtual (Group) - £994 for 1 day plus twilight session
  • Face-to-face (Group) - £1294 (inclusive apart from resources)