2 Day Foundation training (Perinatal) [... *Pre-requisite training: none]


To book a 'closed' training just for your team, please ring 0121 296 4448 or email solihull.approach@uhb.nhs.uk and we will create a bespoke order form for you. For individuals, please go to 'Book an individual training place'.

All practitioners start with our 2 Day Foundation training, to introduce them to the Solihull Approach and how it can be used in their daily work on a one-to-one basis.

The Solihull Approach offers a 2 Day Foundation training for groups of professionals in the UK and internationally.

The Solihull Approach perinatal foundation training is designed for any practitioner working primarily with women, men and others in the antenatal and postnatal period, to support the use of the Solihull Approach from any agency. (The Solihull Approach model of working is also applicable for practitioners working with babies, children and young people and families.) The training is for 12 people at a time.

This course is for anyone working in a perinatal team or field, to help practitioners have a positive influence on parents’ experience of all things related to pregnancy and birth and the subsequent parent/child relationship.

The antenatal Journey to Parenthood Resource Pack offers a wide range of information on in utero development, baby brain development, the birth experience, fathers’ emotional responses to pregnancy and birth, unplanned or unwanted babies, teenage parents, parents with a disability or mental health problems, feeding, loss etc.

There are two weeks between Day 1 and Day 2 to enhance theory into practice.

You will need a relevant Solihull Approach Resource Pack for each professional (Journey to Parenthood and/or First Five Years). This encourages further reading about the model and its application, enhancing theory into practice. The Resource Packs include photocopiable handouts for parents.

Key Facts

6.5 + 6.5 hours
Course level:



This training is for anyone working in the perinatal field or in a perinatal team.

Cost: (Does not include additional resources)

  • Live Virtual (Group) - £1499
  • Live Virtual (Individual) - £189
  • Face-to-face (Group) - £1997 (inclusive apart from resources)


Program Inclusions

The aim of training is to introduce practitioners to the Solihull Approach model as applied to working perinatally. there is an emphasis on working with the relationship between the baby and parent/s.

It includes: baby brain development, introduction to the the Solihull Approach model, getting to know the resource pack,  observation exercise and practice, applying the model.